Passing on the Torch

The opening film of the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, July 22-27 2012.

This is the first step of what finally will become the new Face of AIDS website. Highlighting the global history of HIV/AIDS with documentary film captured over the last 25 years.

We still have our archive of documentaries available online.

Background story and recent developments

Face of AIDS Foundation is a non profit foundation, based in Stockholm. The project was founded in 1987 by Swedish documentary film producer Staffan Hildebrand, in close collaboration with a group of world leading AIDS experts and scientists. Mr Hildebrand is still the Producer of the project, documenting the human story of HIV/AIDS.

The result of the documentation is hundreds of hours of unique unedited film material depicting how the global response to HIV/AIDS has evolved, as well as well as 60 short documentaries shot between 1987 – 201. Many of these films have been produced for the International AIDS conferences. Mr. Hildebrand is still the Producer of the project, continously producing new documentaries on HIV/AIDS. Last year Face of AIDS produced ”From Stigma to Hope” as an assignment from Harvard School of Public Health to International AIDS@30 Symposium, which took place at Harvard in December 2011.

In July 2012 mr. Hildebrand and Face of AIDS completed the production of the Opening Film to the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, July 22-27. The title of the film is ”Passing on the Torch”, focusing on new emerging leadership in the global response to HIV/AIDS. Face of AIDS and mr. Hildebrand has over the years developed a close partnership with the International AIDS Society, UNAIDS, Harvard School of Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several other leading partners in the global AIDS community.

The goal of the project is to develop a world leading digital online educational, research and information tool on the history of HIV/AIDS, using film as the main medium.